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Aviation photography and art created by Alan Stinar

All prints are sold through, a secure external site and can be purchased at various sizes and options including framing.

U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron

Fat Albert Airlines poster

A high quality photograph/art of the Blue Angels C-130T transport aircraft, affectionately called Fat Albert.

Since 1970 the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron known as the Blue Angels has used a Marine Corps C-130 Hercules to transport all the gear and personnel required for airshows around the country and a few times in other countries.

This aircraft is affectionately called Fat Albert and has dazzled well over 230 million viewers during its service. This poster would make an excellent addition to any home. Get yours today.

Measurements: 18in wide by 24in tall poster print

(lower quality print and no frame)

$9.99 + s/h

In Stock

Family Reunion

For as long as I'm aware of, there hasn't been a "family reunion" photo of all the squadrons on a single flightline. Well thanks to photographer Kenneth Siegler, we made it happen.

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Hangar 297 at MCAS El Toro

The infamous "Raiders" of VMGR-352 didn't always call MCAS Miramar home, oh no. Before 1999 they were stationed at MCAS El Toro, which is now closed down. Many memories come from this hangar, and those who served there remember it well.

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Tanker Lincoln art print

The iconic Lincoln Continental from VMGR-352. Many remember the good ol' days when she was parked in front of the officer's club on the weekend.

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