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Photo Gallery

Dan's Collection Dan's Collection First Mech Training. Okinawa 1981 161616837 Long flight Kwaj to Christchurch I think? 11+ hours? 161546680 Blasco1 161546681 Blasco2 161546682 Blasco3 161546683 Barracks Room Door. Futenma 161616836 Graduation PLT 1069 San Diego With my Dad. USMC Veteran 1942-1945. VMSB 243 ground crew. Photo taken 12OCT79. 161546679 El Toro About 1980 161617748 El Toro About 1980 161617749 El Toro About 1980 161617750 El Toro About 1980 161617751 Midway 1982 161617752 Midway 1982 161617753 Midway 1982 Mess Hall. 161617754 Midway 1982 Left to Right as I remember the names "Red" Howodel? ? Cary DePew? 161617755 NAS Agana 1981? 161617756 NAS Agana 1981? 161617757 Olongopo Left to Right as I remember the names. forgive me if I forgot. "Red" Howodel? "Zoom 6" Greg Leath El Toro Roomate - Navigator ? Me. Navigator. Gunner? 161617758 Okinawa Field Day 1981 Some kind of squadron athletic event with a tug of war and a big giant ball. 181820669