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Photo Gallery

VMGR 152 HYD. SHOP 1988-1989 VMGR 152 HYD. SHOP 1988-1989 Scooter, Seth and Isles weirdos. 129199569 Greg and Howie What??? Squadbay living.... That was the life! 129199570 T.K. Woodrow and Seth Campbell More beverage raiding....... 129199571 Jeff Shields, me and "Diamond" Dave Huntley Has Dave gone native? 129199572 Ron Kapec and Jeff Shields Turkey day. 129199573 T. Woodrow, Seth Campbell and I. Anybody need some denim clothes? 129199574 Me Just another newbie 1st Mech. 129199575 152 Hyd. shop Thanksgiving Party 1988 At Gunny Young's base housing. Pretty much the whole crew! 129199576 Seth Campbell and I. We were just underage Marines until we got to Okinawa. Overnight, we became LEGAL! pirates of every base liquor store we could find, relieving them of their supply of the Captain's liquid gold............ARRRRRRGH! 129199577 796 Too much fun. 129199892