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Photo Gallery

Del Howery, Jr. Collection Del Howery, Jr. Collection 215th Birthday Ball cover (Artwork by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300861 Angry Roger The flag we flew through most of ODS/S (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300862 Bahraini Sunrise (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300863 "Hotel California" sign "Hotel California" sign on the compound on the island of Sitra, Bahrain. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300864 Jolly Roger Flown from our VAL Line vehicles while in control of the military side of Manama International Airport (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300865 Dusk at El toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300866 (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300867 El Toro Sunset Taken on a particularly nice evening from the airframes side of the hangar. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300868 149792 ready to go. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300869 160020 in Phase (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300870 160021 (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300871 Barracks 451 sign (1) (Photo by Susan Buhite) 125300872 Barracks 451 sign (2) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300873 Barracks 451 sign (3) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300874 Barracks 451 sign (4) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300875 Barracks 451 sign (5) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 196941071 Barracks 451 sign (6) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr's camera) 196941070 Barracks 451 sign (7) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300876 (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 125300877 Helo AR Demo '94 (1) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631832 Helo AR Demo '94 (2) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631833 Launch for MAGTAF Demo (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631834 147572 and 160014 El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631835 147572 Taxi El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631836 149795 El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631837 149795 Taxi El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631838 149800 (BOO) at roost. El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631839 160240 Taxi (1) El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631840 160240 Taxi (2) El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631841 160240 Taxi (3) El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631842 160240 Taxi (4) El Toro (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 170631843 The Ultimate Bubblechaser Painting done by myself and Brad Smith May-June '90 on the "barn door" into '352 Hyd. Shop. Later painted over when Hyd/Metal shops became Airframes and the shop was given to Corrosion Control. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 171412426 Kenyan Limo Our only mode of transport around Moi International Airport in Mombasa, Kenya. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 171412427 Laguna Firestorm (1) This wasn't the only fire burning that night, but it was the closest to us. Photo was taken from Hangar 297 MCAS El Toro Oct. '93. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 171412428 Laguna Firestorm (2) A little different view of the same fire. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 171412429 Laguna Firestorm (3) (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 171412430 My first "office" in Kenya The title says it all pretty much. A brown shipping container in the Kenyan heat. I was usually someplace else. My camera, but I don't remember the photographer. 171412431 Marine transport history in models This "flight line" was built by Steve Smith and displayed topside along with various photos of '352. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 171412432 Stormy day at El Toro I happened to be coming into work one day when I noticed the contrast between the hangar and '800 and the ever darkening sky behind, so I took a picture. (Photo by Del Howery, Jr.) 171412433 Me in Mombasa Kenya '94 The desert camies seem a bit odd during the rainy season in Kenya. (Photo from Del Howery, Jr) 171413766 Wedding Day 7/24/1993 Our wedding day. We were married on the Flightline of VMGR-352 on July 24, 1993 in front of aircraft 160016 where we first met. 174659051 First Meeting 3/9/1991 This photo was taken on the flightline of VMGR-352 when Del returned from Desert Storm. We had been writing to each other from Sept. 1990-March 1991. 174659052 OC Register and Flight Jacket articles A bit more info on our wedding as reported by The Orange County Register and The MCAS El Toro Flight Jacket. 174665770 Bobby Shea computer creation. Shea was one of 3 or 5 ordnance guys we had. He was always messing with images on the computer. I happened to have this one on my fridge. With his permission, it is on this site. 175105658 VMGR-352 (Fwd) Hydraulic Shop Bahrain "Jobu" Olmstead and I in the spacious "air conditioned" (whatever the condition the air was is what you got) Hydraulic Shop in the DHL hangar at Manama International Airport. 175868111 VMGR-352 (FWD) Hydraulic Shop '90 175868115 Desert Storm homecoming March '91 175868114 Meeting for the first time 175868113 New people that would become my new family 175868112 Reenlisting '92 200498913 200498914 200498915 200498916 200498917 200498918 200498919 200498920 200498921 200498922 El Toro sunset 200498923 Moreland promoton 200498924 Odie on night crew 200498925 "Phillet head" in the shop 200498926 Raider tower Bahrain 201502845 Howie on VAL Line night crew Bahrain 201502842 Late night engine change Bahrain 201502843 "Phillet head" and Boyle in the compound 200498927 Me in Sigonella June '94 200498928 Somebody's smokin' in here! 200498929 Southern Air L-100 Mombasa, Kenya 200498930 200498931 Hangar 297 on 9 March 1991 201502844